Fentanyl prescription forger’s jail term cut short

Toronto Sun – May 8, 2016

BARRIE – Originally sentenced to nine years in prison, a medical secretary who forged fentanyl prescriptions for sale across Ontario was back on the streets after only 11 months.

Julie Baks, then 31, wept in the prisoner’s box in May 2014 as she pleaded guilty to forging and trafficking up to $400,000 of the highly-potent painkiller fentanyl — an opioid 20 times stronger than heroin.

By the following April, Baks was living at a residential facility and free on day passes. She is now on full day parole and scheduled to receive full parole in August.

It was sheer coincidence that Baks was caught on video creating forged fentanyl prescriptions while working in a doctor’s office in Barrie.

The doctor set up the hidden camera because he suspected she was stealing money from the petty cash drawer. Sure enough, the video captured Baks reaching into the drawer and putting money in her purse. She was sentenced to 60 days of house arrest with an ankle bracelet for theft.

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