Cannabis Resin

Common Halton Street Names:                                                                                               hash, wax, shatter, butter, oil, honey oil,                                                                              hash oil, liquid hash

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  • 1g hash b
  • 1g hash oil
  • Shatter seized from an extraction lab in Oakville 2016

    Shatter seized from an extraction lab in Oakville 2016

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  • Cannabis resin is commonly found in Halton in different formats including hashish and hash oil.  Hashish can vary from soft to very hard consistency.  Hashish can be light brown to black in colour.  Hash oil is generally stored in small vials.  It is a thick liquid substance raging from gold, dark green, brown, or black.

  • Hashish is consumed by being heated in a pipe, water pipe (bong), vaporizer, burnt on a hot knife, or smoked in joints (mixed with tobacco). It can also be cooked with food such as brownies or cookies.

    Hash Oil is generally smoked by being dabbed onto a cigarette. It can also be consumed by ingestion, vaporizer, water pipe (bong),

  • Short-term effects include altered senses, changes in mood, difficulty thinking and problem-solving, impaired memory, lethargy, and uncoordinated body movements. Cannabis based products affect brain development. Cannabis resin may reduce thinking, memory, and learning functions and affect how the brain builds connections between the areas necessary for these functions. These effects can be long lasting or even permanent.