Crack Cocaine

Common Halton Street Names:                                                                                                   crack / rock / hard / base / cheese / wax

  • Crack Cocaine 0.8 g II
    Crack Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine 0.8 g
    Crack Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine 1.1 g
    Crack Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine
    Crack cocaine is commonly packaged in tightly torn pieces of plastic
  • Torn Plastic
    Torn pieces of plastic commonly used when packaging crack cocaine

Crack Cocaine
Quick Facts

Crack cocaine is the freebase form of cocaine. It produces an intense high and is very addictive. Once consumed, crack can reach the brain in 8 seconds. The high usually lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Crack cocaine dumps a large amount of dopamine in the user’s system, resulting in a feeling of depression. The high is short in duration, so users usually seek more crack cocaine. This turns into a cycle where it is common for the user to binge for a period of several days.

In order to fuel their addiction, it is common for crack cocaine addicts to resort to criminal activity such as theft, drug trafficking, robberies, fraud, prostitution, etc. which directly impacts our community.

Det. Foley of the Halton Regional Police drug unit recounts a time where he participated in a missing person investigation. It was a case where a husband was supposed to pick up his spouse after work on a Friday afternoon. By Sunday, the spouse had not heard from her husband and subsequently sought assistance from the police. The husband was located two days later in the company of his crack cocaine dealer trying to withdraw money at a bank. By this point, the husband had spent approximately $12,000 on a crack cocaine binge. He also had his car stolen by his apparent crack cocaine friends. Upon being located by the officers, the husband collapsed to the ground and told Det. Foley that crack was the devil.

  • Total Seizures (Jan-Jul 2015): 78 grams
  • Crack Cocaine is generally white, off-white, or beige in colour and commonly sold in small pieces. The pieces are hard, but can be broken or chipped with moderate pressure. The pieces are usually tightly wrapped in small torn pieces of plastic.uted in small folded up envelopes of paper.

  • Crack is generally smoked using a pipe (e.g. glass, brass, metal, homemade). Significant heat is required to smoke crack cocaine. As such, the user’s fingers may be burnt near where they hold their pipe or lips can burn from the smoldering hot pipe. Crack can also be injected. In order to be injected, the crack must first be diluted using an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar.

  • Crack cocaine produces an intense high which is often followed by a powerful depression. This depression leads the user to seek more crack cocaine. Users experience

    > increased heart rate

    > muscle spasms and

    > potentially convulsions.

    Long term use can develop respiratory problems and damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, etc.

    Because crack cocaine causes sleep deprivation and a loss of appetite, they will likely be malnourished and develop aggressive and paranoid behavior.