Powder Cocaine

Common Halton Street Names:                                                                                                   soft / white / blow / charlie / yayo / snow / flake

  • cutcocaine
    Heavily cut 1 ounce bags of powder cocaine (note the texture…there is more powder than chunks) seized in Burlington on 2014
  • coke
    7.6 grams of cocaine
  • purcocaine
    Purer form of cocaine
  • ouncebags
    1 ounce bags of powder cocaine seized in Burlington in 2014
  • dimebag
    Dime bag of cocaine
  • IMG_0080
    Freshly pressed brick of cocaine seized by the Halton Police in June 2015.
  • Torn Plastic
    Small torn pieces of plastic are often used to package cocaine and crack cocaine.

Powder Cocaine
Quick Facts

Cocaine causes a brief and intense high that is immediately followed by an intense depression and craving to have more.

Next to marihuana, cocaine is the drug most commonly seized drug by the Halton Police.

Regardless of how much is consumed, cocaine can cause death through a heart attack, stroke, or respiratory failure.

  • Total Seizures (Jan-Jul 2015): 9,424 grams (9.4 kg)
  • Short Term Effects: Increased heart rate, increased body temperature, dilated pupils, sleep deprivation, intense euphoria, depression, violent behavior, lack of appetite, convulsions, and sudden-death
  • In Halton, cocaine is commonly sold at the street level in dime bags, which are tiny resealable bags. It can also be tightly wrapped in torn pieces of plastic or distributed in small folded up envelopes of paper.

  • Cocaine is most commonly snorted through the use of a straw, rolled up bill, or a tube such as an empty ball point pen. Because cocaine often comes in small chunks, users will often crush the chunks using a razor blade or credit card on a flat surface. This is done to bring it into a powder form in order to snort it. Evidence of breaking up the cocaine can be located on countertops, Side tables, CD cases, etc.

    It can also be injected, ingested, or smoked inside marihuana joint.

    When being purchased for personal consumption, cocaine is often found anywhere between a half gram up to 3.5 g which can be referred to as an eight ball (1/8 of an ounce). A heavy user may consume up to 3.5 g in one day.

    At the street level, cocaine is often found mixed with a cutting agent such as benzocaine, ephedrine, glucose, etc.

  • > Liver, kidney, and lung damage

    > Damage to the tissue in the nose if snorted

    > Damage to the blood vessels in the heart and brain

    > High blood pressure leading to possible heart attack

    > Weight loss

    > Psychosis or delirium, severe depression