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The Truth About Drugs - Kimmy

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Kimmy grew up in Burlington, Ontario, where her mother sold methamphetamine from their home. Once in high school, Kimmy’s drug use rapidly changed from milder drugs to injecting heroin. This video is Kimmy’s story about how she nearly died taking drugs and how she has turned her life around.

The Truth About Drugs - Johnny

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Johnny grew up in Toronto, Ontario. By the time he was in grade 4, Johnny was selling drugs for his sister. As a young adult, Johnny’s drug use switched from cocaine to crack cocaine. Johnny’s addiction was so great, he once blew $35,000 in 3 weeks on cocaine. This video is about Johnny’s story and his struggles with sobriety.

The Truth About Drugs - Marco

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Marco grew up in Oakville, Ontario. This story is about Marco’s addiction to Oxycotin, cocaine and marihuana. Marco’s addiction eventually led him to steal from his family to support his habit. Marco tried numerous times to get clean before succeeding and now helps support others struggling with addiction.